Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Tatar Jazz Funk Greats Mixtape

A mixtape of 70s & 80s tatar and bashkir groovy music recorded by Soviet Konducta. All tracks from original rare soviet vinyl. Released March 24, 2018 on cassettes. There is part 2 also.

The mix at mixcloud ↗

Gunesh. I See Earth LP

Earlier this year Soviet Grails has released the 2nd album of Gunesh, C60 21197 007 / SG009.

Grig Pushen’s Anor Live At Tallinn

Soviet Grail gonna issue some live recordings of Grig Pushen ensemble at Tallinn, Estonia as 10-inch vinyl.

Gunesh. Vietnamese Frescoes

Soviet Grails gonna release a 7-inch vinyl with two versions of track «Vietnamese Frescoes»: one is the album version from C60 21197 007 / SG009, and another unreleased yet. Pre-order.

Mikhail Chekalin. A Bathroom For Esthete

Soviet Grail’s compilation of Mikhail Chekalin’s music. Pre-orderable now, shipping on Feb 01, 2019.

Dos-Mukasan Reissued Again


The first Soviet Grail’s reissue of Dos Mukasan LP is out of stock now. But there is another one pressed in golden wax this time. Preorderable now, shipping out Feb 1, 2019.

Grig Pushen’s Anor LP Reissue

Soviet Grail reissued a very rare LP С60 26549 004 of the late 80’s oriental jazz band «Anor».

Sato’s Legend Reissued

Soviet Grail reissued the first LP C60−24399 of Uzbek’s jazz-fusion band «Sato» called Legend / Efsane / Легенда.

There is a general belief, that the Surviving Master Tapes from the sound recording studio of the Soviet giant «Melodiya» Label is a myth. (More so, this myth pertains to the label’s republican divisions.) This is partially true, but not in the case of Leonid Atabekov, the leader of «SATO» Ensemble. During the last days of Soviet Union’s collapse, he showed up at the studio’s doorstep and bought out master tapes of the original recordings of his two albums – «Efsane» and «Pass Around the Good». Since then he has treasured this purchase. Thanks to the owner’s safekeeping, these master tapes were identified on the insert’s photo, thus enabling us to prepare the first official re-issue of this Oriental Jazz pearl of the Soviet era – «Efsane» LP, the title of which means «Legend» in Uzbek language.

Firyuza Reissue

Soviet Grail record label started a pre-order campaign for reissue of the cult classic LP C60−13215 of Furyuza jazz-funk band.

Dos-Mukasan Reissue


Russian ZBS Records recently started a new sub-label Soviet Grail which gonna concentrate on soviet groove gems. The first release is the cult first LP of Dos Mukasan. You can pre-order it by the link below.